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i have motgage with option one for over two years.i always make my monthly payments on time.

i decided to pay more money every month towrd the principal to speed paying my loan. every time i pay principal payment they applied to advanced monthly payments instead without my permission and they tell me your monthly due payments is not due for few month. i call them every time and tell them to correct it not mentioning the hard time to get in touch with them which finally would get me to a rep. in India, after long explanation they tell me sorry for the inconvenient we will put a request for correction, call us after few days to make sure it went through.

sometimes they do the correction and most of the time i had to start over all again. my account statement has over than 50 corrections. when i look at my account statement i am so lost with all the *** numbers that doesn't reflect my true payments. i am so tired of this rip off company.

I searched the Google for attorney and found " FBI field office mortgage fraud" and " attorney general office of consumer protection". I am planing to contact them to investigate this Freud company.

If any one has same experience please contact me, maybe together we can put stop for this email is


Monetary Loss: $90000.


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